Hear from faculty, staff, and alumni who learned to reframe life’s unexpected detours and embrace the positive and fulfilling changes these obstacles created.

  • A Childhood Wish
    Keeping true to your vision and readjusting after a major disappointment.

    Kenneth Carter
    Oxford College

  • A Father’s Reflection
    A family member's addiction means a loss of control but introspection too.

    Bill Eley
    School of Medicine

  • The Weight of Expectations
    An immigrant daughter learns to chart her own course.

    Enku Gelaye
    Campus Life

  • A Failed Course
    Hang on to the idea that you have a right to be and belong in the spaces you inhabit.

    Ed Lee III
    College of Arts and Sciences

  • The Broken Shovel
    An idealistic student learns listening and building relationships are key in providing aid.

    Wesley Longhofer
    Goizueta School of Business

  • The Trepid Debater
    After numerous tries, a ninth-grade debater summons inner strength and learns to persevere.

    Munir Meghjani
    Emory Alumni Board (Past President)

  • The Unplanned Life Event
    Moving on after a setback and its accompanying feelings of failure.

    Valerie Molyneaux
    Oxford College

  • The Injured Athlete
    A career-ending injury allows the opportunity to pause and consider next steps.

    Kristina Bethea Odejimi
    Campus Life

  • The College Derailment
    Doing the hard work of digging yourself out of depression and back into college—and life.

    James Raper
    Campus Life

  • The Dashed Dream
    What happens when your goal of medical school falls short on the MCAT?

    Joanne Amposta Williams
    Rollins School of Public Health